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Green parrot, Botany Bay, New South Wales, birds, ornithology,original hand coloured engraving c.1797


"The Green Parrot of Botany Bay"

Original hand coloured copper engraving published March 1st, 1797.
Although song and story immortalises Botany Bay as the first settlement of Australia, it was not the first outpost of the British Empire in the Antipodes. (See part of th story in "Fleet of Maritme Explorers" ) Although the first settlers were seen as the flotsam and jetsam of Georgian British Society(arguably a consequence of the Industrial Revolution), among their number were people of educaton, be they Governor Arthur Philip, John White Esquire (Surgeon General) and other literate souls who gathered the new wonders to known science, recorded them in paintings and journals. Also, before the age of photography it was necessary to shoot a male and female of a species to be sent to London to be scentifically recorded. This is how we find our green friend here immortalised in a copper plate engraving, to satiate the ornithological appetite of the learned British elite and institutions. Being soft copper no more than 100 prints could be pressed before the definition would have been compromised. Now how it got to Bordeaux in France? The French had eqully insatiable appetites for exotic creatures. Later Empress Josephine would take in the exotic survivors of Nicholas Baudin's voyage 1800-1804, (famous for his "Encounter" with Matthew Flinders in April 1802 later named Encouter Bay) at her home in Malmaison 12 km out of Paris. They lived among the botanical specimens her army of gardiners propagated in the grounds!
Size of image (plate mark)= 12cm x 19.5cm
Antique Frame presentation utilizing conservation materials (cotton matboards and UV blocking glass)= 25cm x 38cm
Timber mahogany-coloured polished frame has a rope detail on outer edge and an ornate gold fillet.

NH1) "Coronated pterotrachea"

Original hand coloured copper engraving from the collection "THE NATURALIST'S MISCELLANY: or coloured figment of Natural Objects drawn & decscibed Immediately from Nature" Published by Nodder & Shaw Co. 1789-1813. Published in 287 parts that eventauuly filled 24 volumes of marine creatures often with the soed "whimsical" in their discription from the known and New worlds.The copperplate engravings used to illustrate the text were completed by George Shaw (1751-1813) until his death and Frederick Polydore Nodderuntil his death in 1800 after which Richard P. Nodder continued. After Shaw's death Richard continued with THE ZOOLOLOGICAL MISCELLANY until 1817. Original copperplate engraving by Richard P. Nodder. The series is celebrated for its outstading colouring that gave such vibrancy and translucency to the illustrations as is the nature of marine creatures. Published London,Nodder & Shaw, c.1800-1813
Size of image (plate mark)=17.5cm x 10cm
Condition = Excellent complete with original text

Entemology, Beetles, 1848

NH2) "Plate XlII-Beetles":
1)Gigantic Beetle (Male) 2) Hieroglyphic Beetle 3)Kangaroo B. 4) Macleay's B. 5) Shining B. 6) Prodigal Beetle 7) Gigantic B. (female) 8) Golden B. 9) Elephant B. 10) Peruvian B.

Original hand coloured copper engraving by J. Bishop after J. Stewart
Published by Blackie & Son, London, 1848
Image size=23cm x 14.5cm
Condition = Excellent with no foxing
Price AUD$115
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The Wondering Albatross

NH3) "The Wandering Albatross"

Original copper-plate engraving, hand coloured, after work by Comte de Buffon, George -Louis Leclerc (1707-88). French polymath and son of a wealthy lawyer and although studied Law at Dijon, he devoted a greater part of his life to philosophy and science. His "Histoire Naturelle" was begun in 1749 and unfinished at the time of his death. He brought him an immense reputation with his ideas of Mutability of Species, which were examined by Eurasmus Darwin.
Published The Strand, London 1812
Size =18cm x 12cm
Price = SOLD
Condition = Excellent See other Ornithology (John Gould &c)

Mollusques after Charles Alexandre Lesueur, artist on Nicholas Baudin's Voyage 1800-1804

NH4) "Mollusques et Zoophytes-Plates 29" 1.PHASALIA Megalista 2.GLAUCUS Eucharis 3.RIZOPUYSA Planestoma 4. PHYSSOPHORA Muzonema 5. STPHANOMIA Amytridis

Original hand coloured engraving by Choubard after the natural history artist on the Baudin Voyage (1800-1804), Charles Alexandre Lesueur. Also have plates 30 and 31 of the mollusques. All are in excellent original condition with acid activity on the far edges of the paper.
Size of plate=23cm x 31cm
Nicholas Baudin's Voyage ~ Background

'Kentish Plover', original lithograph by H. L. Meyer, c.1844

NH5) "Kentish Plover (adult and young)"
Charadrius Cantianus (Lath.)

Original hand coloured Lithograph by Henry Leonard Meyer (flourished in the mid 19th cent.) who specialised in ornithological subjects, in this case 'British Birds and their Eggs'
Size of image=26cm x 24cm
Condition excellent with slight discolouration outside the above measurement where matboard has been.
Birds of New Guinea

Squirrels, original copper engraving, c.1848

NH6) "Plate XVII-Squirrels"

1)American Black Sqirrel 2) Chickaree Beetle 3)Grey Squirrel

Original hand coloured copper engraving by J. Bishop after J. Stewart
Published by A Fullarton & Co, London, 1848
Image size=23cm x 14.5cm
Condition = Excellent with no foxing

NH1) "Stingray":
Plate 103

Original hand coloured copper engraving by Edward Donovan for his folio "Natural History of British Fishes"Information on Donovan Published London, Dec.1, 1806 by E. Donovan & J. Rivington
Size of image (plate mark)=20cm x 11.5cm
Condition = Excellent

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