The following are a collection of original chromolithographs Lithographed by Cassell, Petter, Galpin & Co., London c.1882 after artist
David Blair, F.L.S., 'from nature', to accompany text by James Britten, F.L.S., Dept of Botany, British Musem.
Prices (AUD$) as marked.
Image size = 17.5cm x 22cm
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European ferns, original chromolithograph, c.1882

BOT1:"1.Trichiomanes radicans (The Killarney Fern), 2. Hymenophyllum tunbridgense (Tunbridge fern), 3. Hymenophyllum wilsoni (Wilson's Fern)"
Price AU$55

'Scolopendrium (Hart's Tongue fern)', after David Blair for James Britten's

BOT2: "1. Scolopendrium Vulgare (Hart's Tongue),2. Scolopendrium hemionitis"
Condition = small tears along edges, but image in excellent condition.
Price AU$55

BOT3:"Davallia canariensis (Hare's foot Fern)"
Condition = Excellent
Price AUD$70

'Polypodium alpestre' European fern after David blair, london 1882

BOT4:"Polypodium alpestre"
Condition = Excellent
Price AUD$70

'Adiantum (maidenhair fern)', David Blair, London, 1882

BOT5:"Adiantum" (Maidenhair Fern)
Condition = Excellent
Price SOLD
Condition = Excellent

'Notholena varieties, Gymnogramma leftphylla', european fern, david Blair, 1882

BOT6: "Notholaena lanuginosa, Gymnogramma leftphylla, Notholaena Marantae"

Condition = Excellent
Price AUD$55
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